2020 Greek National Championships

The 2020 Panhellenic Open Championships (Greek National Championships) were held from September 17 – 20 in Athens, Greece.

All times listed are local to the competition. Athens is currently at UTC/GMT +3 hours.

Thursday, September 17
6:00 pm Technical Solo
Friday, September 18
11:00 am Technical  Team
3:00 pm * Technical Duet
Saturday, September 19
11:00 am Free Duet
5:30 pm Highlight
8:00 pm Free Combination
Sunday, September 20
10:30 am Free Solo
2:30 pm Free Team

*Event moved up to to 3:00 pm instead of 6:15 pm due to extreme weather linked to the hurricane Ianos.


Further information is available on the federation’s website. Start lists and results should also be available at that link.

The competition will be live streamed on YouTube.

As of September 11: 23 free solos, 20 technical solos, 26 free duets, 16 technical duets, 13 free teams, 8 technical teams, 12 free combinations and 6 highlights.

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