Christina Marmet, Founder/Editor-in-chief

15045448_10208103532049617_1664831723_oChristina Marmet was a synchronized swimmer for 12 years. She swam in France for eight years before moving to the U.S. for college and continuing her synchronized swimming career there. She has always been very passionate about the sport, even after retiring. Being a huge fan of gymnastics, she has seen how the coverage of that discipline has improved and has often wished something similar would happen for synchro.

With that in mind, she founded Inside Synchro in July 2016. She aims to bring the very best coverage, features, interviews and databases for all the synchro-nerds and the casual viewers. She wants to grow the sport by showing the sport. It blows her mind that we still have to rely on illegal uploads or “home” videos to help popularize synchronized swimming. With this website, she aims to cover synchro like any other, and bring more transparency to the discipline along with a professional, although sometimes opinionated, coverage of the sport.

A Montpellier, France native, Christina received her BA in Marine Science and her BS in Journalism from Boston University, and her MS in Marine Conservation from the University of Miami. Despite her heavy science background, Christina has always been passionate about sports and sports media. She is the French correspondent for the FINA Aquatics World Magazine, and is also a contributor to gymnastics’ website College Gym News. She now lives in France.