2020 Japan Championships

The 2020 Japan Championships are held from November 12 – 15 in Yamaguchi, Japan. They are held jointly with the Challenge Cup.


All times listed are local to the competition. Yamaguchi is currently at UTC/GMT +9 hours.

Thursday, November 12
10:00 am Highlight (5)
1:00 pm Technical Team (7+10) *
4:30 pm Free Combination (7)
Friday, November 13
10:30 am Free Team (20)
3:10 pm Technical Duet (11+9) *
Saturday, November 14
10:30 am Free Duet (32)
3:05 pm Technical Solo (7+9) *
Sunday, November 15
10:00 am Free Solo (30)
2:00 pm Men Technical Solo (4) **
3:00 pm Men Free Solo (7) **

*In the technical events, the Challenge Cup routines swim first with the Junior Technical Elements, then the National Championships routines swim with the Senior Technical Elements. In the free events, routines for the Challenge Cup and the National Championships are all mixed in in random order.

**The men solo events are part of the Challenge Cup.


Further information is available on the federation’s website.

Start lists and results for the National Championships are available here.

Start lists and results for the Challenge Cup are available here.

The competition will be live streamed on YouTube.

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