2024 Competition Calendar

This 2024 competition calendar focuses on all elite senior meets, a handful of international and national junior competitions, and major youth (13-15) events.

Most of the competitions listed will get a coverage guide a few weeks before the start of it, where you will be able to find more information for each meet including full schedules, video streaming info, and other related articles.


Date Category Meet Location
Jan 23-27 JR Russian Junior Nationals Moscow, Russia
Feb 2-10 SR World Championships Doha, Qatar
Mar 3-6 U12, YO, JR Asian Age Group Championships New Clark City, Philippines
Mar 9-10 JR, SR Greek Winter Nationals Athens, Greece
Mar 15-17 JR, SR Spanish Winter Nationals Valladolid, Spain
Mar 17-23 All Cancun Open Cancun, Mexico
Mar 21-23 U.S. Collegiate Nationals Lewisville, TX, USA
Mar 21-24 SR Italian Winter Nationals Riccione, Italy
Apr 5-7 SR World Cup #1 Beijing, China
Apr 6-7 SR Swiss Nationals Sursee, Switzerland
Apr 10-14 JR, SR U.S. Nationals Houston, TX, USA
Apr 22-28 SR Russian Nationals Yekaterinburg, Russia
Apr 26-28 YO, JR International Swiss Youth Championships Zurich, Switzerland
Apr 27-28 JR, SR Swim England Nationals Nottingham, England
May 3-5 SR Japan Nationals Tokyo, Japan
May 3-5 SR World Cup #2 Paris, France
May 6-12 YO, JR, SR Canadian Nationals Montreal, Canada
May 22-26 YO European Youth Championships Athens, Greece
May 31 – Jun 2 SR World Cup #3 Markham, Canada
Jun 8 – 12 JR French Junior Nationals Sète, France
Jun 10-14 SR European Championships Belgrade, Serbia
Jun 11-16 SR BRICS Games Kazan, Russia
Jun 28 – Jul 2 JR European Junior Championships Malta
Jun 28-30 SR Panhellenic Open Championships Thessaloniki, Greece
Jul 5-7 SR World Cup Super Final Budapest, Hungary
Jul 11-14 SR Italian Summer Nationals Rome, Italy
Aug 5-10 SR Olympic Games Paris, France
Aug 28 – Sep 1 JR World Junior Championships Lima, Peru

If you know of a competition happening and don’t see it listed, please contact us at insidesynchro@gmail.com.