FINA has decided to include the Highlight event at the World Championships for the 2018-2021 quad. The event has been around for some time, but it is not necessarily included in every competition and it does not draw as many entries. This might change as it will now be an official event at Worlds.

A Highlight routine lasts 2:30 minutes, and it consists of eight to 10 swimmers, just like the combo. It has a few required elements:

1 – A Minimum of four acrobatic movements. FINA defines acrobatic movements as a general term for jumps, throws, lifts, stacks, platforms, etc., which are performed as spectacular gymnastic feats and/or risky actions, and are mostly achieved with assistance from other swimmers.

2 – A connected or intertwined action.

3 – A float to give a kaleidoscopic effect.