Routine Requirements

The events in synchronized swimming are solos, duets, mixed duets, teams, free combination and highlight routine.

Mixed duets made their appearance for the first time at the 2015 World Championships in Kazan, Russia and at the 2016 European Championships in London. Mixed duets are not an Olympic event.

Highlight routines are only performed at FINA World Trophy and World Cup competitions.

Solos, duets and teams are split into two for the Senior category: technical routines, and free routines. For World and European Championships, each are separate events. However, at the Olympic Games, scores from the technical and the free routines are combined to determine the final rankings.

In the 13-15 and junior categories, athletes do not have to swim a technical routine, expect at the Jr. World Championships starting in 2018.

However, each competitor must perform four figures. The figure score of each swimmer will be added and combined with the free routine score to determine the final rankings.