Russia announces 2016 Olympic Team

On July 6, Russia’s head coach Tatiana Pokrovskaya announced the official members of the 2016 Olympic Team.

Duet: Natalia Ischenko and Svetlana Romashina

Team: Natalia Ischenko, Svetlana Romashina, Aleksandra Patskevich, Alla Shishkina, Svetlana Kolesnichenko, Maria Shurochkina, Vlada Chigireva, Gelena Topilina and Elena Prokofyeva.

Returning Olympians are Ischenko, Romashina, Patskevich and Shishkina.

Notably absent is 2012 Olympian Angelika Timanina, who competed at the 2015 World Championships but missed the 2016 European Championships due to injury.

The team will fly to Brazil two weeks before the Games for a training camp.

Article by Christina Marmet


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