Sync Up: March 30, 2019

I owe you guys two Sync Ups since February 15th, but there just hasn’t been enough news for me to publish separate articles over the last month and half. So, here is what’s been happening since the last edition.

New Choreographies

  • We already knew Japan had a new free team routine in the works, but during an open practice last month, head coach Masayo Yimura revealed the theme of it is “Japanese Festival.”

Across the Channel

  • Great Britain’s duet of Kate Shortman and Isabelle Thorpe worked with three-time world champion Virginie Dedieu.
  • As if they weren’t already so busy, they also took time to raise awareness on plastic pollution in the ocean by participating in a very cool art project by The Big Bang Fair. They rightfully made headlines all over the nation, including BBC News and the World Economic Forum on Facebook, and even all the way to Brazil. My two worlds are colliding and my heart is very happy.

Swiss Duet Selections

  • After the last round of selection at the French Open earlier this month, the official duet for Switzerland that will try to qualify to the 2020 Olympics is the pair of Vivienne Koch and Noemi Peschl. Congratulations to them!

Got Skills?

  • The new Russian duet of Svetlana Kolesnichenko and Svetlana Romashina showed off a gorgeous barracuda continuous spin. Synchronization 15/10.
  • Aleksandr Maltsev continued showing off another fun Barracuda boost variation.


  • Just like last season, Noortje and Bregje de Brouwer are back with the vlogs! Check out their fun little recap of the French Open.
Article by Christina Marmet

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