Results from the 2016 Spanish Open held from July 1 -3 in Alacant, Spain.

2016 Spanish Open Results and Videos

Results from the 2016 Spanish Open held from July 1 -3 in Alacant, Spain.
Results from the 2016 Spanish Open held from July 1 -3 in Alacant, Spain.

The 2016 Spanish Open was a great opportunity for numerous nations to send their Olympic duets as a preparation before the Games and to get last-minute feedbacks from the judges.

The results are listed below:

Duet Competition (Top 10)

Rank Nation Technical Free Prelim Free Final Total
1 Spain 90.9317 93.6001 93.7667 184.6984
2 China Sichuan 89.1566 90.3668 90.700 179.8566
3 Japan 85.7607 87.1999 87.6333 173.3940
4 Mexico 84.5843 85.9332 86.3668 170.9511
5 France 84.0664 85.1999 85.8000 169.8664
6 Switzerland 81.9607 84.1669 83.8332 165.7939
7 Colombia 81.9369 82.8000 83.5334 165.4703
8 Belarus 81.2770 80.6001 81.6670 162.9440
9 Argentina 79.7499 79.6334 80.5669 160.3168
10 Egypt 76.2450 76.7667 77.8334 154.0784

In the duet competition, Spain’s Ona Carbonell and Gemma Mengual easily won the event. They have been hiding from the public eye for a while, and did not even compete at the 2016 European Championships back in May. China did not send their official duet, but the audience and fans had a nice surprise in the reappearance of the famous Jiang twins who used to be on the national team a few years ago. The Jiang sisters are renowned for their very fluid and graceful movements. Finally, Japan won the bronze with a duet composed of Minami Kono and Yuriko Oosawa. This was their B duet.

In an interesting battle for fourth place, Mexico continued its steady rise and passed the French duet once again. The two nations have been going back and forth all season in the rankings, and the battle should be interesting in Rio. Mexico is increasing its lead. Switzerland, Colombia, Belarus, Argentina, Egypt and Australia also sent their duets to prepare before the Games.

Mixed Duet Competition

Rank Nation Technical Free Prelim Free Final
1 Spain N/A N/A 82.7000
2 C.N. Metropole N/A N/A 68.3000

Spain’s national mixed duet of Pau Ribes and Berta Ferreras dominated the competition and won by a landslide against the mixed duet from the Spanish club C.N. Metropole. Ribes and Ferreras won two bronze medals during the 2016 European Championships.

Team Competition

Rank Nation Technical Free Prelim Free Final Total
1 Japan 87.2115 N/A 89.0333 176.2448
2 Spain 84.9416 N/A 87.7000 172.6416
3 Egypt 75.4056 N/A 77.8667 153.2723
4 Australia 74.3277 N/A 76.1330 150.4607
5 C.N. Kallipolis 71.7796 N/A 76.7332 148.5128
6 A.D. Sincro Retiro 69.7053 N/A 72.668 142.3721
7 C.N. Sincro Sevilla 68.6752 N/A 72.001 140.6753

Japan came out on top with their B team roster, and Spain only had seven swimmers in the team competition and thus incurred a 0.5 penalty. Egypt and Australia rounded up the nations that are expected to compete in a few weeks in Rio.

Free Combination Competition

Rank Nation Prelim Final
1 Japan N/A 91.1999
2 Spain N/A 88.6668
3 C.N. Kallipolis N/A 77.1000
4 C.N. Granollers N/A 76.0331
5 Real Canoe N.C N/A 74.2331
6 A.D. Sincro Retiro N/A 73.3670
7 C.N. Sinchro Sevilla N/A 72.2002

Once again Japan won gold in this category followed by Spain and Barcelona’s club C.N. Kallipolis.

Detailed results are available on the RFEN official website.


The RFEN has archived all videos of the Spanish Open.

However, they are only visible if you are in Europe or if you use a VPN.

Article by Christina Marmet

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