2016 Jr. World Championships Entry List

Entry list of all nations participating in the 2016 Junior World Championships as of July.

By Christina Marmet

The Junior World Championships are held from July 9 – 13 in Kazan, Russia.  32 nations and 242 athletes are scheduled to compete.

This list was last updated on July 7 after publication of the final entry forms received by the organizing committee. The detailed breakdown for each event was not available for some nations, and are thus left blank. We will publish the start lists as soon as they are available and we will have the definite number of routines per event then.

Nation # of Athletes Solo Duet Team Free Combination
Australia 12
Belarus 8 X X X
Canada 10 X X X
Chile 3
China 12 X X X
Colombia 3
Egypt 12
France 5 X X
Germany 12 X X X X
Greece 12 X X X X
Hungary 10 X X X X
Israel 2 X X
Italy 12 X X X X
Japan 12 X X X X
Liechtenstein 2 X X
Macau 4 X X
Malaysia 1 X
Mexico 11 X X X X
Netherlands 2 X
New Zealand 2 X
Peru 1
Russia 12 X X X X
San Marino 2 X X
Slovakia 2 X X
South Africa 12 X X X
Spain 12 X X X X
Switzerland 12 X X X X
Turkey 4
Ukraine 12 X X X X
United States of America 12 X X X X
Uzbekistan 10 X X X X
Venezuela 1
Total 242 22 23 16 14

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