Sync Up: December 31, 2018

Happy holidays to everybody! I’m on vacation with limited internet access, so I apologize for the lack of updates. However, I promise I’m working on some great content for the new year and I hope you all will appreciate it. In the meantime, enjoy this short roundup of news from the last two weeks!

Show Time

  • The Russians had its annual Christmas show highlighting the champions from the last year. The senior national team had some fun with a Queen performance to “We Will Rock You”. If you wish to see the whole show, which also included performances from Svetlana Romashina, Svetlana Kolesnichenko and Varvara Subbotina, you can view it here.

Travels Abroad

  • The French team had a week-long training camp in Savona with the Italian national team.

Duet Selections

  • Switzerland had its two duets out at the Ukrainian Open. While we lack complete results or videos (it’s 2018 people), the pair of Vivienne Koch and Noemi Peschl came out ahead with 83.573 in tech and 86.300 in free. Maxence Bellina and Maria Piffaretti weren’t far behind with 82.050 in tech and 85.400 in free.
  • USA Synchro named four athletes in the running for the duet for the 2020 Olympics selections. 2016 Olympian Anita Alvarez, Ruby Remati, Lindi Schroeder and Abbygayle Remmers  are all under consideration for the final two spots.

Got Skills?

  • Ona Carbonell unveiled a part of her technical solo and she basically always keeps one leg out the whole time as she moves through the water.
  • Jacqueline Simoneau was “not her best” after five (six-ish) combined spins in a row. For fun, after practice. Like one does.
  • Want to spin like a Russian? Svetlana Kolesnichenko showed us how she makes it look so effortless.
Article by Christina Marmet

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