2019 Championnats de France Juniors N1/N2

The 2019 Junior French National Championship N1/N2 (Championnats de France Juniors N1/N2) were held from April 2 – 7 in Angers, France.

All times listed are local to the competition. Angers is UTC/GMT +2 hours.

Programme N2 / N2 Schedule:

Tuesday April 2
7:00 pm Technical Team
Wednesday, April 3
10:30 pm Technical Duet & Mixed Duet
3:00 pm Technical Solo
7:00 pm Free Combination
Thursday, April 4
10:30 am Free Duet & Mixed Duet
2:00 pm Free Solo
6:30 pm Free Team

Programme N1-Elite / N1-Elite Schedule

Friday, April 5
4:00 pm Technical Solo
7:00 pm Technical Team
Saturday, April 6
10:30 am Technical Duet & Mixed Duet
3:00 pm Free Solo
7:00 pm Free Combination
Sunday, April 7
10:00 pm Free Team
1:00 pm Free Duet & Mixed Duet


Plus d’informations sont disponibles sur le site de la compétition. Les ordres de passage et résultats sont disponibles ici.

More information regarding ticketing is available on the official competition’s website. Start lists and live scores are available here.

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