2019 Japan Open

The 2019 Japan Open is held from April 27 – 24 in Tokyo, Japan. It serves as the fourth meet of the FINA World Series.

All times listed are local to the competition.  The schedule below is only for the ASWS portion. The nationals portion of the meet is scheduled for the morning. Tokyo is currently at UTC/GMT +9 hours.

Saturday, April 27
2:30 pm Technical Duet
4:50 pm Technical Mixed Duet
6:10 pm Technical Solo
8:10 pm Technical Team
Sunday, April 28
1:15 pm Free Team
2:40 pm Free Duet
5:00 pm Free Mixed Duet
Monday, April 29
1:30 pm Highlight
2:20 pm Free Solo
4:35 pm Free Combination
5:30 Gala


Nations expected to compete (as of March 28th) are :

  • Australia (TD, FD, TT, FT)
  • Austria (TS, FS, TD)
  • Belarus (TS, FS, TD, FD)
  • Canada (TS, FS, TD, FD, TT, FT, HI)
  • China (TS, FS, TD, FD, TT, FT, FC)
  • Colombia (TS, FS, TD, FD)
  • Czech Republic (TS, FS, TD, FD)
  • France (FS, TD, FD, TT, FT)
  • Great Britain (TS, FS, TD, FD)
  • Germany (TS, TS, TD, FD)
  • Greece (TS, FS, TD, FD)
  • Kazakhstan (TD, FD, MTD)
  • Italy (TS, FS, TD, FD, MTD, MFD)
  • Japan (TS, FS, TD, FD, MTD, MFD, TT, FT, FC, HI)
  • Liechtenstein (TS, FS, TD, FD)
  • Mexico (TD, FD, TT, FT)
  • Russia (TS, TD, FD, MTD, MFD)
  • Serbia (FS, TD, FD)
  • Singapore (TD, FD, TT, FT)
  • Slovakia (TS, FS, TD, FD)
  • South Korea (TT, FT, FC)
  • Spain (TS, FS, TD, FD, MTD, MFD, FT, HI)
  • Uzbekistan (TD, FD)
  • Vietnam (TS, FS, TD, FD)

The meet will be streamed on FINA TV.

More information on the competition and how to buy tickets is available here.

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