Sync Up: February 15, 2019

Top Five

  • A short piece on Anna Voloshyna and the Mexican team was published on YouTube by Código FFM. Voloshyna is helping the team with its new choreographies and to improve its technical abilities. The goal is to bring the country into the top five and qualify to the 2020 Olympics.

Mixed Duet News

  • Spain is trying out a new mixed duet pairing in the technical event with Pau Ribes swimming with Emma Garcia. The two are scheduled to appear at a gala in France “Au Dragon d’Eau” this weekend.
  • France will (finally) be back in the mixed duet event at the French Open in a few weeks as it entered its junior winter national champion pair of Quentin Rakotomalala and Madeline Philippe.

Got Skills?

  • Svetlana Romashina posted a video of a Barracuda Continuous Spin, which could very well later translate into a Barracuda Continuous Spin 720° , the last element of the technical solo. We already know the Svetas will each swim a solo, and maybe Romashina is working on the tech once more.
  • Continuing with gorgeous Russian Barracudas, here is Aleksandr Maltsev showing off a solid variation of the move, with what is known as a wolf jump position in gymnastics followed by a 720° spin.
  • Great Britain’s Kate Shortman and Isabelle Thorpe are at a training camp in Spain with Ana Montero, and gave us a short preview of some of their new duet’s hybrids.
  • Regina Alferez from the Mexican national team is perfecting her Barracuda Airbone Split element.
  • Israel is improving its lifts, including this spinning standing lift with Yael Polka holding her leg in a split position.
  • Germany’s Marlene Bojer and Daniela Reinhardt are getting ready for the big International Gala held in France this weekend.

Underwater Perspective

  • Ona Carbonell showed off how she works her spins and other crazy movements from a point of view we rarely get to see.
Article by Christina Marmet.


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