Sync Up: May 15, 2019

New Highlight

  • Italy has created a new Highlight routine with Anastasia Ermakova. The Italians have never competed in that event on the international scene, so we can add this routine to the list of highly anticipated ones.

Got skills?

  • Bregje de Brouwer from the Netherlands likes to tease us, and posted a video of herself working on the last element of a technical solo, the Barracuda Continuous Spin 720°.


  • Hungary‘s national team published its latest vlog. Follow the athletes around in the third leg of the FINA world series in Kazan, Russia.

European Cup

  • The European Cup ended last weekend in St. Petersburg, with Russia and Ukraine qualifying to the Olympics. If you missed our highlight videos of each da of the competition on Facebook or Instagram, here they are again: Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.

Beyond the Sparkles

  • Have you checked out our series on the French national team yet? ‘L’Envers des Paillettes’ takes you behind the scenes with the team preparing and through the 2018 French Open. There will be six episodes in total, and four are already out. English subtitles are available!
Article by Christina Marmet

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