Sync Up: July 31, 2019

Meet Announcements

  • The 2020 FINA Junior World Championships will be held in Quebec City, Canada.
  • The 2025 FINA World Championships will come back to Kazan, Russia, exactly 10 years after the previous edition.
  • Similarly, the 2027 FINA World Championships will happen in Budapest, Hungary.

Olympic Medals

  • The 2020 Olympic medals have been unveiled! They have all been manufactured out of recycled household appliances like cellphones, provided by the Japanese population over the last few years.


  • Gokce Akgun from Turkey‘s mixed duet wrote on his Instagram that he was ending his competitive career after a difficult season riddled with problems. While he did not go into details, we did witness issues finding a stable pair for this mixed duet, with Akgun being partnered with three different women in a year. We wish him the best in his next endeavors.

Training Camp

  • No vacation yet for the French team, which went straight from Gwangju into a camp with Stephan Miermont to start working on ideas and choreography for next season.

Videos & Vlogs

  • Treading Water is a documentary on the journey of Australia‘s Ethan Calleja, the first male for the nation to compete in the mixed duet at worlds. Get to know him through this 13-minute video as he makes his debut at the China Open, and prepares for Gwangju.
  • Bregje and Noortje de Brouwer from the Netherlands have released a vlog about their training camp in Chiba, Japan, before the world championships.
  • The Hungarian national team also uploaded a few vlogs, including from their world series stop in the U.S., and another from their next competition in Canada.
  • Mexico‘s Nuria Diosdado, sponsored by Adidas, was recently featured by the brand on all social media platforms.

Got Skills?

  • Russia’s Svetlana Romashina posted a few videos since our last Sync Up. The first one features a ridiculously impressive barracuda spin with a few changes in directions, while the second one is a lot more fun with the ‘Bottle Cap Challenge.’

Nailed it?

  • English comedian Arron Crascall took on synchronized swimming, and tried to replicate some moves from athletes at the 2015 European Games. A good laugh for your mid-week lull.
Article by Christina Marmet

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