Sync Up: October 15, 2019

Getting Ready for the New Season

  • The Swiss duet of Vivienne Koch and Noemi Peschl had a training camp in sunny Mallorca, Spain.
  • Three-time world champion Virginie Dedieu flew out to the Netherlands to work with the twins Bregje and Noortje de Brouwer on improvisation and technique.
  • The German duet of Marlene Bojer and Daniela Reinhardt received the help of Olga Pylypchuk for its new technical duet choreography.
  • Once again this season, Anastasia Ermakova is continuing to work with Kazakhstan‘s duet of Alexandra and Yekaterina Nemich for their new Olympic routines. Ermakova states that the programs will be “in a brand new style that no one expects to see from the twins.”
  • After France and Austria, Stephan Miermont is now creating new routines for Japan, as it gears up to host the Olympics in about 10 months.

More Mixed Duets

  • Chile held its national team selection, and for the first time had men try out for the mixed duet! Yay for one more country joining the mixed duet event.

Got Skills?

  • Aleksandr Maltsev is a regular of this section by now, but this time he is not in the water and rather receiving help stretching his splits from his teammate Artur Korshunov. Similarly, Marina Golyadkina showed off a few of her stretching exercises. Yes, that’s how we all stretch too.
  • Training is in full swing for the Russian team, and while they are not all resting on chairs under the shower (I’m not joking), they do find some time to play around, as shown in this hilarious video posted by Varvara Subbotina.

In Case You Missed It

  • Aleksandra Patskevich, a two-time Olympic champion from Russia, is back!
  • We have started putting together the 2020 competition calendar! As noted, not all federations have their own calendars up, so we will be updating the page regularly over the next few months.


Article by Christina Marmet

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