Sync Up: February 15, 2020

International Collaborations Continued…

  • Maria Thivaiou, technical director and one of the coaches of the Greek team, has revealed that Greece is currently working with Anna Tarrés and Bet Fernandez, as the nation fights to qualify a team to the 2020 Olympic Games for the first time since 2004. Tarrés and Fernandez both coached the Spanish team until 2012, and more recently were part of the spectacular rise of Israel.
  • Brazil‘s pair of Luisa Borges and Laura Miccuci was in Toronto for a clinic with Sheilagh Croxon.
  • Nada Daabousova, Diana Miskechova and Chiara Diky from Slovakia had a training camp in Western Cape in sunny South Africa.
  • On the topic of dreamy training locations, Canada‘s team spent three weeks in Hawaii.
  • The duet from Liechtenstein of Lara Mechnig and Marluce Schiercher traveled to Barcelona to work with Ona Carbonell for a few days.
  • A handful of European duets, including pairs from the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Great Britain, traveled to Paris earlier this month to practice at the French team’s training center (INSEP) and get feedback from numerous international judges.

Got Skills?

  • When he was not teasing us about his new duet partner, Aleksandr Maltsev showed us some of his spinning technique underwater.
  • France revealed the theme of its new free team choreography – zombies – in this little video teaser. Fans will be able to see the full thing soon enough at the French Open in two weeks.
  • Liechtenstein‘s duet also teased us with a video of a hybrid from its new free choreography. And horse neighing sounds?

From Synchro to Surf

  • Angelika Timanina, 2012 Olympic Champion, 11-time world champion and former captain of the Russian team, has been included in the national surfing squad as the sport plans to make its Olympic debut at the 2020 Games in Tokyo. Now talk about an athlete’s retraining!

In Case You Missed It

  • The Chinese leg of the FINA world series, originally scheduled to be help in Suzhou, China, at the end of April, has been cancelled.
  • Olesya Platonova is Aleksandr Maltsev’s new mixed duet partner as Maya Gurbanberdieva will miss the season due to a shoulder injury.
  • Svetlana Kolesnichenko, Svetlana Romashina, and Aleksandr Maltsev well are recognized as FINA’s Best Artistic Swimmers in 2019.
Article by Christina Marmet

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