Sync Up: November 15, 2019

2023 FINA World Championships in…. Kazan?

New Routines Underway

  • Just like last season, Anastasia Ermakova was back in Canada to choreograph new routines ahead of the 2020 Olympics for the national team.
  • Liechtenstein‘s duet of Lara Mechnig and Marluce Schierscher have been working with Olga Pylypchuk on their routines.
  • The duet from Slovakia of Nada Daabousova, Diana Miskechova and Chiara Diky is in Canada and getting a new free duet choreography by Denise Sauvé.

Award Season

  • The Russian team received the Glamour Magazine Team of the Year Award, as it should.

In Case You Missed It

  • The 2020 FINA World Series competitions have been announced!
  • The U.S. has selected Anita Alvarez and Lindi Schroeder to be its duet for the Olympic year and hopefully earn a berth to Tokyo.
Article by Christina Marmet


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