2022 FINA World Championships

The 2022 FINA World Championships were held from June 17 – 25 in Budapest, Hungary.



All times listed are local to the competition. Budapest is currently at UTC/GMT +2 hours.

Friday, June 17
9:00 am Technical Solo Preliminary
1:00 pm Technical Duet Preliminary – Group B
4:30 pm Technical Duet Preliminary – Group A
Saturday, June 18
10:00 am Free Combination Preliminary
1:00 pm Technical Mixed Duet Preliminary
4:00 pm Technical Solo Final
Sunday, June 19
10:00 am Technical Team Preliminary
4:00 pm Technical Duet Final
Monday, June 20
9:00 am Free Solo Preliminary
2:00 pm Technical Mixed Duet Final
4:00 pm Free Combination Final
Tuesday, June 21
9:00 am Free Duet Preliminary – Group B
12:00 pm Free Duet Preliminary – Group A
4:00 pm Technical Team Final
Wednesday, June 22
10:00 am Free Team Preliminary
4:00 pm Free Solo Final
Thursday, June 23
10:00 am Highlight Preliminary
4:00 pm Free Duet Final
Friday, June 24
10:00 am Free Mixed Duet Preliminary
4:00 pm Free Team Final
Saturday, June 25
1:30 pm Free Mixed Duet Final
3:00 pm Highlight Final
4:30 pm Gala


The official website of the competition is here.

Start lists and results will be on Omega Timing.

Details on how to watch the competition are available on FINA’s website. It varies depending on your country.  An alternative live stream and replays are available here.

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